• All residents must meet their guests in the entrance hall and ensure they sign legibly in the visitors book
  • Residents in rooms of multiple occupancy are not allowed to entertain guests of the opposite sex in their rooms
  • All guests must leave by midnight


  • With the Warden's permission residents may be allowed to have overnight guests to stay. A fee will be charged (£10 per night). All overnight guests, including those staying for one night only, must be registered in writing with the warden in advance.
  • No resident may have more than one guest at a time.


  • Residency may be terminated if you cease to be a full-time student or if you breach any of the house rules.
  • Notification of termination of residency must be given to the Warden in writing. For long-term residents a minimum of 4 weeks' notice is required. If it is not given, fees will be payable in lieu of the full period of notice.


  • Residents wishing to leave temporarily during the summer vacation without continuing to pay full fees, a retention fee of £200 will be charged to store your belongings in our limited storage room. This is only possible if you will be away for more than 6 weeks.
  • Full fees are payable for all other vacation periods.


  • Residents are responsible for keeping their rooms clean and tidy. Resident's whose rooms are persistently left in a very poor state will be given notice to leave.


  • Cooking is not allowed in the rooms but you are allowed an electric kettle. There are cookers and microwave ovens for residents use in the kitchens.


  • The last laundry must be in the washing machine by 9:50 pm. The laundry room closes at 11pm.


  • The house's insurance policies do not cover your personal belongings anywhere in the house. We therefore recommend you take out suitable insurance yourselves.
  • N.B. The Warden reserves the right to enter residents rooms at his/her discretion.